The area of Bohinj is becoming more popular with overseas property investors looking to buy Slovenia property as it offers keenly priced property, with the potential for solid long term capital gains and income.

Bohinj is an alpine valley and a municipality of Slovenia, situated in the Julian Alps in the north west of Slovenia and is a glacial valley which is home to the largest natural lake in Slovenia and the lake lies in a glacial valley.

Its surface covers 3.18 square kilometers, and it reaches a depth of up to 45 meters at its deepest point. The lake heats up to around 23 °C in summer and it is a great natural bathing place. Its crystal clean waters contain numerous fish, notably the renowned, and delicious, Bohinj trout.

The entire north shore is a protected area and Lake Bohinj has managed to avoid mass urban development which has preserved the natural beauty of its shores. The exceptional cleanliness of its waters are a direct result of this protection. The stunning natural beauty, tranquility and un-spoilt landscape of the whole region, makes it a popular tourist destination for Slovenians, as well as an increasing number of overseas visitors.

Bohinj is an excellent starting point for trips and hikes through the Triglav National Park. A gondola cableway takes visitors high above the lake to Mt. Vogel which lies at an altitude of 1700 meters and features a popular ski center. Lake Bohinj can be a starting point for a climbing tour or a walk to the waterfall Savica. The source of the Sava River, an hour’s walk west of the Zlatorog Hotel at Ukanc, is the Savica Waterfall, which descends from a limestone cave and falls approximately 60 meters into a narrow gorge.

From the shores of the lake, tracks climb towards high mountain peaks, lakes and pastures with a backdrop of snow in winter and a huge number of colorful flowers and fauna in summer. When summer comes, tourists come to swim fish and sail on the lake, as well as raft along the rapids at nearby Sava Bohinjka, or simply hike in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

In the winter the lake freezes over and Bohinj becomes a meeting place for tourists, who visit the adjacent ski resorts, such as the main skiing area of Vogel. Bohinj is also conveniently located on the edge of the Triglav National Park. This park includes almost all of the Slovenian Julian Alps including its tallest peak Triglav. There are also numerous other peaks reaching heights of over 2000m (6500ft). The park is rich in flora and fauna and the mountains are adjacent to stunning valleys, forests and open country.


Reasons to Buy

The area is one that is popular in both summer and winter with Slovenians and overseas tourists. This is a good opportunity to get good rental property income, as well as solid capital gains. Slovenia will become more popular with tourists in the years to come, as the country promotes itself more. This of course, can only benefit property prices in the Bohinj region which is already a major tourist attraction.

Bohinj property is still relatively inexpensive and has good growth potential for the future, with the dual attraction solid capital gains and good rental income and foreign property investors will buy in increasing numbers. A visit to the area is essential, to get a feel for its potential and to find the right property and is also a very enjoyable experience in its own right.

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